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Luxury Spa Retreat

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Retreats offer the perfect combination of an anti-stress programme in an environment enhancing the total serenity of the body and mind. This programme will help you to recover the energy levels that are necessary to regulate and optimise the power of your individuality by improving vitality. Most importantly you will learn basic and useful tools to maintain and improve your health and quality of life. Learning and experiencing the relation that exists between nutrition and health. Learning how to recover from stress and fortify your immune system and to prevent yourself from disease. 

This programme is designed around your need and wants of physical and emotional well-being. 

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The programme will commence with a consultation by the Ayurvedic doctor assess your body constitution and health needs. 

Treatments such as abhyanga, shiro dhara, sarvanga dhara, pinda sveda, vaspa sveda, nasya, vireka and vasti will be selected according to your body condition and the length of stay. 

Vegetarian diet suitable for treatment will be given during the stay