Dr. Soma Serasinghe graduated from the Institute of Indigenous Medicine of University of Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1982. Since then, she had been practicing Ayurveda and possess over thirty years of clinical experience. She obtained her medical and research education and experience at Faculty of Medicine, Toyama university as a Rotary Club Scholar. She further obtained her clinical skills in managing learning disabilities and autism by obtaining training in the UK higher education institutes. She has obtained a special training in Rehabilitation at the university hospital at Toyama, Japan. She was the first researcher published a scientific evaluation of the hypoglycaemic effect of traditional medicine of Sri Lanka known as ‘kothalahimbutu’ (Salacia reticulata).  Dr. Soma Serasinghe is the co-founder of SETRAMED Institute (Sri Lanka) and SETRAMED LONDON LIMITED and heavily involved with providing Ayurveda training and manufacturing of high quality Ayurvedic herbs and medicines.