Our Philosophy

Our vision is to take evidence-based authentic Ayurveda and Traditional medicine knowledge to the next level of Integrative medical practice. Integrative medicine articulated through a functional medical approach incorporating holistic consideration of the patient and the health condition including body, mind and social aspects. Ayurvedic system of medicines that was the main and only medical system used in some parts of the world and now practiced as a parallel system of medicine. In such countries the people have the opportunity to use both the systems for their health benefits. But, in the UK, Europe or US the National Health Service use only one system as the mainstream of medicine. Integrating Ayurveda into the mainstream of medicine may provide many benefits to the patients and could be a pathway to reduce the burden on the national health services.

Our endeavour is to provide high standard training in Ayurveda to produce skilful practitioners in various level of healthcare practice to serve the communities in the world.