SETRAMED was founded in 1991 by Dr Palitha Serasinghe, SETRAMED, is dedicated to Ayurveda,
Traditional Sri Lankan Medicine & Complimentary Medicine.

We offer a multitude of Ayurveda Services & Products as well as the opportunity for those interested in Ayurveda Research & Education to learn. SETRAMED International College of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka is a leading name in Education, Training & Research in the field of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka and Globally. SETRAMED has achieved much credibility for high standards & quality and up-to-date teaching methods under the leadership of Dr Palitha Serasinghe, Chairman of SETRAMED Institute Pvt. Ltd, Director – SETRAMED International College of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka.


At SETRAMED, experts strive to strengthen and develop
the traditional practices taught in the ancient science of
Ayurveda through modern research and technology whilst
at all times maintaining full authenticity. Bringing back the
ancient teachings to better modern life.


Dr Palitha Serasinghe PhD


Dr Palitha Serasinghe is the founder and the Chairman of SETRAMED and the Consultant Ayurveda Physician

Dr. Soma Serasinghe


Director, Ayurveda Physician & Lecturer. D.A.M.S.Col. Sri Lanka, Res.Cert. (Japan)