International Conference on Ayurveda and Integrative Functional Medicine 2024

Welcome to the International Conference on Ayurveda and Integrative Functional Medicine!


About the Conference and the Symposium

Date & Venue:

5th July 2024 (open for delegates for either in-person at Indian YMCA Auditorium, London or online participation) – 41 Fitzroy Square, London – W1T 6AQ United Kingdom

6th July 2024 (Invitees only, the delegates participating for the conference would have online access)


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A hybrid meeting involves a mixture of in-person and remote attendees. Remote attendees join the meeting via a virtual meeting platform. The Key-note speeches will be delivered on site and broadcasted via virtual meeting facility for the remote attendees. The Scientific sessions  will be online presentations where international researches can present their papers without travelling to the UK.

Theme: “Harmony in Health: Integrating Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine”

The International Conference on Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine provides a platform for experts, researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts from around the globe to come together and explore the rich heritage of Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine. This year’s theme, “Harmony in Health,” emphasizes the integration of ancient wisdom with modern healthcare practices for a holistic approach to well-being.

Conference Highlights:

  1. Keynote Speakers: Renowned experts in Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine will share their insights and experiences, setting the tone for the conference.
  2. Panel Discussion: Engage in thought-provoking discussions on the global impact of holistic healing practices.
  3. Scientific Sessions: Explore the latest research and advancements in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional healing methods through interactive scientific sessions.
  4. Workshops and Demonstrations: Participate in hands-on workshops and demonstrations to experience the practical application of Ayurvedic principles and traditional healing techniques.
  5. Cultural Evening: Immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Ayurveda with a vibrant evening featuring traditional music, dance, and cuisine.

Call for Papers:

We invite researchers, academicians, and practitioners to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations (online). Share your research findings, case studies, and experiences to contribute to the global dialogue on Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine.

Important Dates:

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 15th June 2024
  • Conference Date:5th July 2024
  • Symposium Date: 6th July 2024


Take advantage of discounted rates and secure your spot at this unique gathering of Ayurvedic and traditional medicine enthusiasts.

Registration Fee:

In Person attendees: £ 50

Remote attendees: £ 20

(Students may contact us for a limited number of free seats funded by our partners)

Sponsorship Opportunities:

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Contact Information:

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Join us at the International Conference on Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine to deepen your understanding, expand your network, and contribute to the evolution of holistic healthcare. Let’s harmonize health together!