Ayurveda Nutritional Therapist

Course Code: LCAM/AT/04



Ayurveda Nutritional Therapist

Course Code: LCAM/AT/04


Course Overview

Diet and Nutrition is a major component of Ayurvedic clinical medicine where ahara (food), viharana (lifestyle) and aushadha (medicines) are the three-fold modalities in an Ayurvedic prescription. Identifying and correcting diet helps both prevention and healing of diseases. Ayurveda teaches that not eating according to the body constitution (Prakrti) is a major cause of disease.

This course will equip you with Ayurvedic knowledge on energetics of food, bespoke use according to the body constitution and dietary healing of diseases.

A beginner or a qualified nutritionist who joins in this course will have to take modules on Ayurveda basic principles as core modules. An Ayurvedic massage therapist who have completed LCAM/AT/01 can take this course for advancing their practice.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course, you will be able to;

  1. Determine the body constitution (prakrti)
  2. Determine the nutritional state (dhatu sara)
  3. Demonstrate energetics of food (rasa-guna-vipaka-virya)
  4. Select and recommend diet and food for health promotion and disease conditions

Course Content

Module 1: Ayurvedic Pharmacological Principles related to Food

Module 2: Assessment of the client for Nutritional Therapy

Module 3. Ayurvedic Nutritional Principles & Agni

Module 4: Ayurvedic Clinical Nutrition

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