Ayurvedic Para-Surgery for Anal Fistula

Course Code: LCAM/ST/06



Ayurvedic Para-Surgery for Anal Fistula

Course Code: LCAM/ST/06


Course Overview

These courses are for those who are interested in learning a special area of clinical practice. The course lecture-seminars will be conducted online and the clinical training at a hospital in India or Sri Lanka.


LCAM/PGM/01/01 Ayurvedic Fundamentals & Physiology

LCAM/PGM/01/02 Ayurvedic General Patho-physiology

For the Ayurvedic Para-Surgery: GMC Registered Surgery

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the respective course, you will be able to;

  • Understand the patho-physiology of the respective disease conditions
  • Evaluate the patients in Ayurvedic perspectives
  • Demonstrate clinical case studies on the relevant subject area
  • Integrate the Ayurvedic therapies for treating the condition

Course Content

Each Special training course will consist of the following units.

  • Causes of the condition
  • Pathogenesis of the condition
  • Treatment guidelines
  • Pharmaco-therapeutics
  • Selection of appropriate therapies
  • Clinical training at a hospital


MCQ 50 Questions


Coursework: Case Studies


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