Professional Practice of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Medicine (PG Cert. Ayu – Lifestyle)

Course Code: LCAM/PGM/01

Professional Practice of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Medicine (PG Cert. Ayu – Lifestyle)

Course Code: LCAM/PGM/01

Course Overview

Integrative medicine is articulated through a therapeutic approach to the human being that incorporates the biological, psychological and social aspects of the patient. The first step of establishing Integrative medicine is a mutual understanding about the strengths and weaknesses of different systems of medicine and appreciating the evidence-based use of therapies of other systems of medicines.  The ultimate goal of Integrative medicine is to come closer to reducing chemical medication, iatrogenesis and improving the prognosis of chronic diseases. This program in Ayurvedic Integrative Medicine seeks to improve the Lifestyle medicine skills and holistic techniques of medical professionals for the benefit of their patients.

This course utilising theoretical-practical approach, provides students with Ayurvedic tools to gather a complete history from a holistic approach, and assess the nutritional needs for healing and provide latest knowledge on Genomic medicine, Gut Health, Rebalancing Microbiota, and nutrition therapy.


Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course, you will be able to;

  1. Assess the patients from a holistic approach using Ayurvedic Mind-body techniques
  2. Understand the relationship between nutrition and pathogenesis
  3. Evaluate the patients using Ayurvedic genomics, determine different polymorphisms in chronic pathologies
  4. Define the nutritional treatment approach to address different polymorphisms and associated health conditions and chronic conditions.
  5. Identify strategies for health promotion and prevention of disease.
  6. Appreciate the different interdisciplinary referrals within and outside public health system

Course Content

This course consists of four modules and total of 60 Credits. Although the course duration is one year the students may select the two core modules in year one and the other modules in year two to complete the course in two years to give a flexibility of studying with your other commitments.


LCAM/PGM/01/01 Ayurvedic Fundamentals & Physiology (20 Credits)

LCAM/PGM/01/02 Ayurvedic General Patho-physiology (20 Credits)

LCAM/PGM/01/03 Ayurvedic Genomic Medicine (10 Credits)

LCAM/PGM/01/04 Ayurvedic Nutritional Therapy & Gut Health (10 Credits)

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning will include tutor lead online sessions, class-room face to face sessions (Once a month on Saturday, 10:00 – 16:30), E-learning, Practical sessions, Students-led seminars and directed learning.


MCQ of 100 questions


Course Fee

£ 3500.00 (Payment option in £ 300.00 in twelve instalments, £ 3600.00)

Further Study

PG Cert  Ayu – Medicine by taking the specific modules in the course and then can lead to MSc in Ayurvedic Medicine (we are currently in the process of developing this program in collaboration with a university)

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