Dr Milind Jani is a highly experienced surgeon and general practitioner,
well known as a champion for Integrated Holistic Medicine in Primary care in
Sussex, based on his Ayurvedic Medicine foundations.  As a pioneer
Integrated Ayurvedic medicine in Mainstream primary care in the NHS ,
working in partnership with his wife Dr Asmita Jani BSAM ( Jamnagar Uni
1978),  they first established authentic Ayurvedic and Panchakarma clinic in
Hove in 1988. The BBC made a documentary on Dr Janis’  Ayurvedic Practice  –
“Hindu health Check” in 2009. He was our first co-founder past president of
BAAAP in 1995, was involved with the first Thames Valley University Degree
Course in Ayurvedic medicine curriculum, and teaching,  helping us with
professional development and practice of Ayurveda in the UK, supporting and
encouraging other practitioners over the last three decades.

Having been part of the GP Post Grad Education Centre in Brighton, a tutor
for medical students at Brighton and Sussex Medical College, GP tutor in East Sussex,  and GP Appraiser for 10 years, Dr Jani brings an extensive knowledge and experience of teaching, Lifelong Learning ,  Safe practice and maintaining professional competence and standards.